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To fight pressure injuries you need movement. Our patented cushions provide that movement.

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Aquila wheelchair cushions work to help prevent pressure sores and assist healing existing pressure sores. By automatically alternating, our pressure sore cushions change pressure points and stimulate circulation to skin and tissue fighting the leading cause of pressure sores, constant pressure.

For clients with pressure sores, Aquila cushions are custom built to offload under the pressure injury while stimulating circulation. This proven combination has been instumental in helping to heal sores while the client is sitting.

Medicare billing code E2609


Aquila has more relevant clinical studies and case reports than any brand of wheelchair cushion on the market. Our studies include a 5-year study from the Cleveland Clinic.

Aquila case reports cite the remarkable improvements to pressure sores. Articles referencing the healing achieved from our pressure sore reducing wheelchair cushions have even been published in Peer Reviewed Medical Journals.

The data and quantifiable results confirm that an Aquila wheelchair cushion is the most effective wheelchair pressure sore cushion on the market for fighting and treating pressure injuries.

Click on the studies tab to see our clinical data.


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A wheelchair is only as good as the cushion being used. The wheelchair cushion is the component of a wheelchair that has a direct impact on pressure sore prevention. The wrong cushion can actually contribute to pressure sores so it is important to carefully consider your needs, physical limitations and risk levels when selecting a cushion.

All Aquila wheelchair cushions are battery operated and can be used on manual wheelchairs, powerchairs or regular sitting chairs.

Alternating Wheelchair Cushion Technology Makes Sense

Consider the medical protocol after a flap surgery. Medical professionals recommend and sometimes require an alternating mattress be used by the patient to prevent relapse. An alternating mattress interrupts the constant pressure to the body and stimulates circulation which is what is needed to avoid pressure sores. Doesnt it make sense to continue medically prescribed therapy and use pressure sore cushions while using your wheelchair?

If you use a motionless static wheelchair cushion at home, with every passing minute your body weight is pressing down on your pelvic bones compressing the tissue beneath. The exact cause of pressure sores. This is true for any static cushion be it foam, air or gel. The circulation is cut off and cells begin to die and the result is pressure sores. Thats why with static wheelchair cushions medical professionals recommend pressure lifts or heavy leaning side to side every 20 minutes in an effort to relieve pressure and avoid pressure sores. That work is not necessary with our wheelchair cushions.

Aquila alternating wheelchair cushions for pressure ulcers are much smarter and an infinitely easier method to ensure pressure relief 60 times per hour. Our wheelchair cushions work all day long on your behalf replacing wheelchair push-ups and leaning, and are the best cushions for pressure sores.

Pressure mapping video of the Aquila SofTech wheelchair cushion in action versus a static Roho wheelchair cushion

What Others Are Saying About Aquila Wheelchair Cushions

“When other wheelchair cushions have failed, I can always depend on Aquila Corporation to provide the absolute best custom-made wheelchair cushions available anywhere. Their innovative design offers the highest level of skin protection and pressured distribution that my clients need to remain active, and to avoid being bedridden due to their ongoing struggles with pressure ulcers. Ive seen time and time again how these wheelchair cushions have given wheelchair users the freedom to remain seated for greater periods of time because they now have the circulation and offloading where they need it the most. In short, the cushions that Aquila Corporation offer can change lives for the better.”


Ken L. ATP, CRTS, Personal Mobility Inc. Date: 3/20/2018

Please Note: These are the two models available for purchase. Aquila Corporation no longer manufactures or sells the Airpulse PK rubber wheelchair cushion or the SofTech Basic cushion.

Custom Wheelchair Cushion Solutions

The APK2 and SofTech wheelchair cushions are custom made for each client to achieve the very best outcomes. Our cushions are not mass produced. Being custom made, each wheelchair cushion is carefully planned, laid out and hand built to deliver best results for each client. If you are looking for comfort, pressure sore prevention or healing of a current pressure sore, our cushions are the best cushion for pressure sores and we can help.

Even if you have a chronic sore that will not seem to improve or heal, give us a call. We are experts at building wheelchair cushions for pressure relief that work to heal sores and we have never turned anyone away because a sore was too severe.


At Aquila we all share in a common goal and that is to build the most effective wheelchair cushions on the market while providing top level customer service. When you invest in an Aquila wheelchair cushion you are not just a number. You become part of the Aquila family. As part of our commitment to providing the best customer service, we maintain records of equipment purchased and all communications with the clients.

When ready to order, and for fastest results, you can purchase your wheelchair cushion directly from Aquila with no prescription required. If insurance must be involved, you will need to go through an authorized durable medical equipment dealer because Aquila does not do any insurance billing. A letter of medical necessity and prescription are needed if dealing with insurance. If you want to get in touch with an authorized durable medical equipment dealer call our customer service today!

“Our company remains dedicated to providing the most effective therapeutic wheelchair cushions in the industry. We are and will always be the experts in crafting custom cushion solutions whose sole function is the prevention and healing of pressure sores.

Clients come to us with pressure sores after sitting on static wheelchair cushions and we create solutions designed to heal those pressure sores, and we do it very well. If you have pressure sores you have come to the right place. We can help. We have helped thousands of people”.

Steve Kohlman


Aquila Corporation

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