Public artworks wanted in Longhua District

Writer: Cao Zhen  | Editor: Vincent Lin  | From: Shenzhen Daily
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Public artworks wanted in Longhua District

Please Note

The Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Longhua District has entrusted Shenzhen Public Art Center to invite artists and designers around the world to create public artworks in the following locations in Longhua District:

1. Longhua Century Plaza

Red areas in images are the proposed locations of public artworks.

Covering 4.7 hectares, Longhua Century Plaza, surrounded by the Guanlan Art Museum in the north, residential communities in the south, urban villages in the east and the Guanlan River in the west, will be a multifunctional plaza for leisure, entertainment, culture display, ecology and science promotion and fitness. Currently there are 12 bronze pillars of Chinese zodiac animals in the plaza. A grand public artwork which can represent Longhua’s new image is now sought after.

2. Longhua Cultural Plaza

Covering 5.6 hectares, Longhua Cultural Plaza is the biggest plaza in Longhua, where cultural and celebration activities have been held. In the neighborhood are office buildings, the Guanlan River, Longhua Book City and the Longhua Culture and Arts Center. Currently there is a huge sculpture of horses running out of the Dragon Gate and a revolution commemoration wall in the plaza. Two medium artworks are now sought after.

3. Tenglong and Bulong road sections near Metro Line 6 stations

The Hongshan, Shangfen, Yuanfen and Yangtai Mountain East stations of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 are on Tenglong and Bulong roads. To enhance the landscape of these areas, one medium and three small sculptures/installations and four artistic chairs are sought after on Tenglong Road and one small sculpture/installation for Bulong Road.

4. Talent Greenway

The 6.6-kilometer Talent Greenway in Minzhi runs from the Shenzhen North Railway Station Central Park in the north, passing Yaji Mountain, to the Nanping Expressway (Yulong Overpass) in the south. One medium sculpture/installation, two small sculptures/installations and seven artistic chairs are sought after.

Applicants should have a deep understanding of Longhua and its subdistricts, including the development goals and environment. Applicants should self-fund expenses if they need to visit or survey the locations.

Image resolution in the design proposals should be 2400 x 1800 or higher and videos should be at least 720p. Each proposal should be presented on one or two pieces of A3 paper and include design sketches, creation profile, materials, measurements and costs.

The budget for a grand artwork should be no more than 5 million yuan, a medium work, 2 million yuan, a small work, 800,000 yuan and an artistic chair, 300,000 yuan. The budget includes design and construction fees.

Scan the miniapp code to download the application form and get more information.

Applicants should fill in the application forms but their names, company names and logos shouldn’t be printed on the proposal for fairness sake.

All submissions should be original new works and be sent to the organizers via email ( by Feb. 4, 2021. For inquiries, call 8324-1963.